We have created a multitude of demos to showcase Cloudera + Qlik functionality showcasing many different types of integrations, all live and interactive! 


Here you will find documentation, upcoming event guides, technology certifications and tons more more about the integratations and externally facing activities of Qlik and Cloudera.


We've created showcase videos that demonstrate the unique capabilites of Qlik + Cloudera in easliy consummable bits. We've also packed in presentations to help get familiar with why Qlik + Cloudera.

?About Qlik

New to Qlik, no problem! Here you will find useful links to get familiar with what makes Qlik the best visualization and analytics platform, ever!

About the Qlik and Cloudera Partnership

Partner Engineering is part of the Alliances organization at Qlik. Our mission to focus on technology integrations with partners like Cloudera. We create demo systems,applications, and examples showcasing those integration efforts. To showcase our integration with Cloudera we have built the demo system and with with Cloudera's help, built a 6 node cluster to power the Qlik analytics featured on this site.
To learn more about the Qlik and Cloudera value proposition and integration, please read our whitepapers below...
Read the Qlik & Cloudera E-Book
Our 15 Points of Integration w/ Cloudera
Qlik and Cloudera in Financial Services


Who we are

  • Hugo Sheng
    Sr. Director - Qlik
  • Chris Larsen
    Adv. Analytics, Qlik
  • Dave Freriks
    Tech Evangelist, Qlik
  • Mike Foster
    VP Alliances, Qlik