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Financial Services Summit 08-Feb-18 New York
This document details the integrations and recommendations of using Qlik with native SQL on Hadoop
query engines such as Hive, Impala, SparkSQL, Drill, and Presto.
This is a summary of the components in the Big Data ecosystem that Qlik can leverage for analytics and visualization.
Documentation & White Papers
This white paper details the value proposition of Qlik can be combined with the power of Cloudera to deliver a best in class "Big Data" solution.
This document showcases the 10 points of integration between Qlik Sense and Cloudera that are available as working demonstrations.
This is a writeup about how ANZ Bank successfully uses Qlik on their data lake to enable their user community to deliver value from "Big Data"
This is a Forbes article written by Qlik's own CIO, Anthony Deighton about how Qlik can we used to deliver value from a Big Data ecosystem.