Video Section:

1Cloudera Showcase

This video shows various types of integration with Cloudera. Topics shown include using Impala, Spark ML, Cloudera Search (Solr), and REST APIs to build various Qlik applications. These demos are almost all available on the demo page.

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4Cloudera Essentials

This short video previews the ways in which Qlik and Cloudera can be used to solve various business problems. The use cases include Retail Analytics, Finance, Sales and Text Analytics with Solr.

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2Gartner Showcase

This video showcases many different types of analytics capabilities possibile with Qlik. Topics include how APIs are used to build and integrate with 3rd party technologies, as well as querying many different types of data systems including Cloudera.

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5Zika Video

This video demonstrates a Zika tracking application created by one of our Qlik partners, Bardess Group, and uses Cloudera as the data platform. Video by Dalton Ruer. (Qlik Dork)...And his website.

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3Cloudera SKO

Direct from the 2017 Cloudera SKO, Qlik's CIO Anthony Deighton delivers a demo of Qlik running on Cloudera systems. This 6 minute video will eventually add the narration - it is just the video component at this time...

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6Market Basket

This demo shows how you can use Qlik with Cloudera to better assort products based on customer trends. This demo is using market basket Spark advanced analytics.

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Blog Section:

1Visualizing Data at REST

Super blogger Qlik Dork talk about using REST API's to integrate with Cloudera...

Qlik Dork’s First Law of Data – “Data at REST is stupid. Put that data into motion by visualizing it and your company will pick up momentum.”

Qlik Dork’s Second Law of Data – “Data at REST is expensive. Put that data into motion by visualizing it and the data will start paying for itself.”

Qlik Dork’s Third Law of Data – “Data at REST is useless. Unless you expect an 8’th day of the week to be added to the calendar I’ve got bad news for you … your ‘Someday’ won’get here. So start making use of your data ‘Today.'”

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2Hello Data, what are you trying to tell me?

How do we perceive value and how do we understand information when it is presented to us? Sometimes it is easy, many times it is not and the difference is usually based on literacy and context. The solution to accelerate understanding of data in relation to analytics can be found in simplifying charts, graphs, and visual elements into natural language or NLG (natural language generation). The simple definition of NLG is taking data and generating observations that are distilled into textual explanations...

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3How do you handle "Big Data"?

The term "Big Data" has been thrown around for several years, and yet it continues to have a very vague definition. In fact, there are no two big data installations and configurations alike – insert snowflake paradigm here. It’s no surprise, given the unique nature of “big data”, it cannot be forced into an abstract model. These type of data systems evolve organically, and morph based on the ever changing business requirements...

4Qlik & Solr Search: Focusing the Lens of Unstructured Analytics

In case you haven’t seen it – there is a super powerful unstructured search platform used within the big data ecosystem called Solr, built on the Apache Lucene search engine library. What’s great about Solr is that it can index just about anything, text, xml, JSON, PDF, Word, Excel, including almost any kind of text based data. Did you know it works awesomely with Qlik...

5Who do the Kudu that you do?
Using Hadoop for Big Data analytics is nothing new, but a new entity has entered the stale file format conversation with the backing of Cloudera – you might have heard of it, it’s called Kudu.